Compliance Ownership Capacity Building

 This training hopes to

ü Change the enterprise's passive response to compliance into active improvement

ü Change previously scattered compliance work into systematic one

ü Change the previously partial compliance work into comprehensive one


Base on establishment of an initiative compliance mechanism for the long-term development of the enterprisethis series focuses on improvement of the 3 aspects

ü Top management’s attitude toward and awareness of CSR

ü Integration of the brand CoC with the daily management of the enterprise

ü Comprehensive professionalism of the CSR team


“Compliance Ownership BuildingSeries


1)     Detailed explanation of CSR and CoC

2)     How to establish the CSR strategy and internal CoC

3)     Being sensitive to laws, regulations and social responsibility information

4)     Continuous improvement on transparency issue

5)     How to conduct internal audit

6)     How to interact with top management and other departments on compliance issues

7)     Establishment of effective grievance mechanism

8)     How to promote sustainable compliance through employee participation

9)     How to establish mechanism for communication with customers

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