Training series of "Employee Relations Management"


Recent years have seen great changes taking place in the worker group who becomes better-educated, better-informed with a wider range of demands and stronger willingness to express themselves. At the same time, in the process of rapid change of the enterprise, the workers also feel greater pressure. However, traditional personnel management lacks the module of employee relations management, or some enterprises have established this module which may be more about dealing with disputes and organizing activities. There is still great room for improvement in methods, cases or systematic thinking that can be learned and taken as reference in this field.

This training series of courses targets enterprises undergoing continuous improvement, transformation and upgrading, and implementation of change. It will promote those enterprises to have a deeper understanding of workers, grasp their diverse demands, mobilize their subjective initiative, create a positive work atmosphere, and resolve conflicts peacefully and effectively manage risks in the process of change.

"Employee Relations Management" Series

1)    How to develop employee care activities

2)    How to handle employee help-seeking and grievances

3)    How to respond, discuss and negotiate

4)    Employee pressure and emotion management

5)    Conflict management

6)    Crisis prevention and intervention