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Timeline’s products and services

After nearly 20 years of research and practice in ERM, Timeline has formed its own unique understanding of this field and provides professional training, consulting, research and project evaluation services in the following five areas:


1)     Workplace dialogue and cooperation: promoting more information sharing and mutual understanding between employer and employees, establishing a worker-management dialogue and cooperation mechanism, building an effective grievance mechanism, promoting peaceful conflict resolutions, so as to build mutual trust between both parties and solve problem as close as possible to where it happens.


2)     Employee participation and development: focusing on employee’s ownership and boosting more bottom-up participation; at the same time, helping the enterprises establish institutional guarantees for employee participation and development, rather than carrying out individual activities in a scattered manner. This topic includes a series of work which is different depending on enterprises’ needs: employee participation, employee development, employee satisfaction and engagement, employee work experience, employee retention, and employee care.


3)     Gender equality and women’s empowerment: Timeline integrates its experience in workplace dialogue, employee development and other ERM projects to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, elimination of workplace sexual harassment and sexual violence, women workers’ development, and women’s leadership. These services will help enterprises increase their sensitivity, establish frameworks, and master specific methods. The aim is to explore their own gender equality practices, promote organizational changes, and inspire them to become advocates for gender equality.


4)     CSR and compliance self-governance: Timeline provides consulting and training on the interpretation of the compliance code of conduct, management structure, how to conduct internal audit, cross-departmental cooperation and communication, employee participation, transparency, grievance mechanism, and working hours management, etc., and conducts survey and evaluation such as life hazard factor survey, compliance risk factor survey, compliance training effect evaluation, employee grievance status survey, employee satisfaction survey, and CSR work influence evaluation, etc.


5)     Leadership and followership: while developing corporate leadership in an all-round way, this subject also focuses on cultivating followers and followership through employee empowerment, so that leaders and followers grow together and leadership is brought to a fuller play.

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