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The number of Timeline’s customers has reached more than 1,000. Its most important customers are often companies that have good performance or are in a leading position in the CSR field. Timeline has formed strategic partnerships with many brands and companies, with long-term cooperation with many of them. In the interaction with the customers who are strategic and visionary, Timeline has also grown up together with them.


The customers come from different industries: footwear, clothing, electronic products, sporting goods and equipment, daily necessities, batteries, coffee, printing and packaging, textiles, luggage, accessories, glasses, home textiles, outdoor products, ceramic tiles, household ceramics, glass products, automobiles, handicrafts, catering, hardware, machinery and equipment, home appliances, aviation, power grid, and educational institutions


The customers come from different kinds of organizations: international institutions, international brands, Chinese brands, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government departments


Service area: Greater China (Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau) and Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia)

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    “时线可以根据我们的需求来调整,很灵活。”——某世界500强鞋业品牌 CSR负责人