address:Address: Room 1829-31, Building 1, Yidun Mansion, Shiguang Rd, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China 511490

Zip code:511490



Development path:

  • Accumulated “Workplace Dialogue and Cooperation Project” for more than 10 international brands, covering more than 400 factories

    Year 2019
  • Started to provide special training and counseling services for investigative capabilities

    Year 2018
  • Start the time line open class

    Year 2017
  • Started providing training and coaching project of collective bargaining

    Year 2015
  • Started providing training and consulting for off-shore enterprises

    Year 2014
  • Year 2013

    Started providing CSR work impact evaluation for brands

  • Year 2012

    Established long-term cooperation partnership with H&M; joined IDH Project and conducted 3-year dialogue project

  • Year 2010

    Started holding CSR annual summits for brands

  • Year 2009

    Received authorization from FLA in providing training in working hours management

  • Year 2008

    Became service provider of WE Project of German GIZ and Tchibo

  • Year 2007

    Received authorization from FLA in providing employee grievance project

  • Started providing employee relations survey service

    Year 2006
  • Started working in CSR area and cooperation with Global Alliance and Impactt etc.

    Year 2003
  • Founded Timeline Consultancy Services Ltd.

    Year 2002