Service Way


Timeline has been dedicated to employee relations management since its inception in 2002. Its main work area covers the five modules as follows:


Workplace Dialogue

Ÿ   Worker representatives

Ÿ   Workplace dialogue and cooperation

Ÿ   Mediation

Ÿ   Conflict management

Ÿ   Collective bargaining


Employee participation

Ÿ   Employee participation

Ÿ   Employee empowerment

Ÿ   Worker development



Ÿ   Employee satisfaction survey

Ÿ    Employee work experience

Ÿ   Employee retention

Ÿ   Employee care



Ÿ   Communication

Ÿ   Coordination

Ÿ   Inspiration 


Complaince management

Ÿ   Labor standards

Ÿ   Employee grievance

Ÿ   Disciplinary measures

Ÿ   Compliance self-management