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Project of workplace dialogue and cooperation

 To promote enterprise sustainable development and achieve enterprise-society win-win through employee participation, dialogue and cooperation


At present, an increasing number of international brands and companies have become aware of the importance of employee participation in the company and the need to improve employee relations management. Especially in recent years, enterprises have been confronting increasingly fierce competition, great pressure and on-the-change workforce, which poses certain challenges to the stability and predictability of the supply chain. How to promote cooperation and harmony within the enterprise and achieve sustainable development has become a topic of rising concern to international brands and enterprises. Improving corporate worker-management trust, promoting employee participation and empowerment, and conducting workplace dialogue and cooperation will ultimately contribute to a stable and predictable supply chain, as well as the sustainable development of the companies themselves.


The main ways of Timeline to conduct a dialogue project include enhancing the awareness and ability of both the workers and the management to communicate with each other, promoting direct and indirect employee participation, establishing mechanism of communication and dialogue, and promoting the implementation of dialogue and cooperation activities by the use of highly practical tools and methods.


Timeline has taken various perspectives to conduct dialogue project, ranging from improvement of information sharing and transparency within the enterprise, enterprise sustainable compliance enhancement, establishment of effectively functioning communication mechanism, workplace cooperation enhancement, and promoting negotiation between the enterprise and the employees. During the process, Timeline has acquired rich experience in practice.


Timeline has witnessed real progress of the enterprises and improvement of their workplace atmosphere, which can be mainly seen in increased worker-management trust, the workers participating in problem-solving and growth of both the workers and the management in the process of dialogue and cooperation. The progress is specifically as follows:

Ÿ   The top management has changed their attitude: At first, the employers may have resistance. In the process of project implementation, the employers and the management gradually realized that the project could lead to win-win, beneficial to all stakeholders and able to support the enterprise sustainable development. The top management showed a more open attitude and gave more support

Ÿ   Both sides have become more rational and calmer to deal with the issues, acquiring more mature attitudes and skills

Ÿ   The workers have improved their life skills. They received better career development

Ÿ   The companies have experienced the real benefits of dialogue projects, e.g., reduced absenteeism, increased retention intention, higher productivity, and reduced dysfunctional conflicts

Since 2008, Timeline has been promoting workplace dialogue project for brands and enterprises, providing relevant service for the main brands and international organizations, e.g., adidas, H&M, New Balance, Puma, LEGO, IDH Project (participants including electronic brands like Dell, HP, Philips and Microsoft), FLA (participants including Microsoft and IKEA etc.) and Tchibo. The number of enterprises that have joined Timeline’s dialogue project has reached more than 300.