Training series of "Exerting Influence Effectively in A Team"

TIMELINE has found in employee satisfaction/retention intention survey conducted in many enterprises in recent years that the management attitude and mode of the production line leaders/managers are often one of the important contributing factors to employee turnover. It is learnt in the management practice that production line leaders are the management whom production workers spend the most time in contact with. In workers’ opinion, the line leaders almost represent the corporate. If line leaders leave a negative impression on workers, it may directly impair the latter’s willingness to retain in the company and even affect the sustainable development of the enterprise. More than 30 years of development has witnessed great changes in Chinese enterprises. However, at present, the management attitudes and methods of many production line managers have failed to support the development of enterprises, and even turned out to be obstacles. This series will help solution to the problems above. Considering the common characteristics of production line leaders/ managers in various enterprises, this series of training focuses on the improvement of management skills.

Exerting Influence Effectively on Production Line TeamSeries

1)     Work characteristics of production line leaders

2)     How to allocate work

  3)     How to motivate employees

  4)     How to criticize and apply disciplinary measures to employees

5)     How to train subordinate staff

6)     How to share information with employees and hold good work meetings

7)     How does the team leader respond to employees' demands?

8)     Young employee management

9)     How production line leaders promote new employees' adaptation and integration

10)  Staff personality analysis and targeted management