Survey of employee satisfaction and retention factors

 Why is it necessary to conduct employee satisfaction survey?

l  Employee satisfaction will influence production and sustainable development of enterprises

According to statistics published by Harvard Business Review Weekly, an increase of employee satisfaction by 3% can reduce employee turnover by 5%, operating costs by 10%, and increase labor productivity by 25%-65%.

l  The new generation of employees has shifted their concerns

The new generation of employees has gradually become the main force of production. Their concerns with the enterprises differ from those of the elder generation of workers. According to the surveys that Timeline Consultancy has been implementing for 12 years, the key factors affecting the evaluation of employee satisfaction have gradually changed from the material factors, e.g., wages, working hours and living environment to the non-material factors, e.g., personal development and superior management.

l  Employee satisfaction survey can be used as a means of management precaution and monitoring for enterprises

Through a comprehensive review of company management, it helps to reduce the pressing problems caused by low productivity, high waste rate, and high turnover etc., thus effectively reducing management costs.

Can the survey pinpoint the issues of the greatest concern to enterprises?

Timeline’s surveys find that the aspect with workers’ poor satisfaction does not necessarily exert a decisive influence on the employee satisfaction or employee retention, nor is it the aspect that the enterprise needs to improve most desperately. This survey will pinpoint the aspects that needs enterprises’ great attention through in-depth analysis.

l  Which factors play a decisive role in employee satisfaction and retention intention

l  In which aspects enterprises should keep working due to employees’ great attention and good evaluation

l  Which aspects need the most urgent improvement due to employees’ great attention yet low evaluation

l  How can enterprises invest their limited resources in improvement to achieve the greatest value

What are the main survey methods and content?

The survey will provide in-depth understanding of all aspects related to the work and life of employees through front-line worker surveys, worker group interviews, and in-depth interviews with managers. The main survey dimensions and content include but are not limited to: employee training, personal development, compensation and benefits. , work environment, living environment, superior management, communication with employees, production management, and employee participation, etc.

What will enterprises gain from the survey?

After the survey, each enterprise will get one Report of Employee Satisfaction and Retention Intention Factors.

l  The survey results can provide significant references for HRM strategies and employee retention strategies of the enterprise or the group

l  Improvement goal and operable action plans will be established according to the priority of the issues to be improved

l  A better worker-management relationship and employer brand can be established

l  Objective evaluation of the changes and progress in employee relations management of the enterprise can be made during continuous improvement