CSR work impact evaluation

After rolling out CSR work for a long period, many brands desire to get an exact idea of their CSR work effectiveness, in order to test the CSR strategy, explore effective CSR indicators, and accurately allocate resources in the future
This survey project is a highly professional evaluation one. On the one hand, the abovementioned purpose can be achieved; on the other hand, this assessment can also be used to accurately locate and analyze the CSR management level of suppliers. Meanwhile, the survey results can be communicated to all stakeholders, providing reference for formulating new CSR development roadmap in the future.

CSR Work Impact Assessment

l To what degree brand CSR work and projects have an impact on which aspects of the factory

l Whether the impact exerted meets the expectations of the brand

l Factory's feedback on brand CSR work and projects

l What kind of support is needed for the CSR work of the factory